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Here you can find the price list for the most usual maintenance service and replacement jobs. The Maintenance Packages are most convenient to book in advance by calling us at 040 535 2010.

The waiting time for bringing the bike to the Maintenance services varies from 1 day to maximum 4-5 weeks. After brought in, the waiting time should be between 2-7 working days. Cost estimation for other services is easier to get by bringing the bike to the shop. When bringing the bike for a reserved service, please bring the bike preferably before 16:00 and come pick it up before 17:00. We are able to make Quick Services such as tube and tire changes, brake pads, and small installations with sms acknowledgment, ie. we will send a text message when the bike is ready for pickup. The waiting time is from a couple of hours to 1-3 days.


  • Basic Service                    €55
  • Electrical bicycle basic service 65€
  • Complete service           €85/€95


  • Inner tube                         €15
  • Tire                                    €25
  • Inner tube and tire    €35-€40


  • Replacing of a tire x1            €10 
  • New winter tire(s) fitted x2  €80-130 



 1. Handlebar is adjusted.

 2. Hubs and spokes are checked and adjusted.

 3. Chains are lubricated, adjusted and replaced if necessary.

 4. External gear units are cleaned.

 5. Gear/brake cables are lubricated and changed if necessary.

 6. Gears/brakes are adjusted.

 7. Screws/nuts are tightened.

 8. The bike is cleaned or washed.

 9. All functions are checked.


 1. Handlebar is adjusted.

 2. Hubs are disassembled and cleaned.

 3. Spokes are checked and adjusted.

 4. Rear Sprockets and chains are changed as needed.

 5. Damaged parts are replaced.

 6. Need greasing parts should be oiled.

 7. External gear units are cleaned.

 8. Gear/brake cables are lubricated and changed if necessary.

 9. Gears/brakes are adjusted.

10. Screws/nuts are tightened.

11. The bike is cleaned or washed.

12. All the functions are checked.

Note. Changed replacement parts are charged separately.


Pickup service for bikes:

  • >5km is 10€
  • 5 to 10km is 15€

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