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Polkupyörä Tori®

Disc brake pads Jagwire DCA016 (pair)

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Jagwire DCA016 Sport disc brake pads.

Compatible Brake Model:

RST: D-Power

Shimano: B01S, Deore LX T675, Deore T615, M525, M515, M515-LA, Alivio M4050, Nexave C601, C501, Tourney TX805, Non-Series M575, M486, M485, M475, M465, M447, M446, M445, M416, M416A, M415, M4050, M395, M375, M355, M315

Tektro/TRP: Tektro® Aquila, Auriga, Auriga E-Comp, Auriga Pro, Draco, Draco 2, Draco WS, Gemini, HD330, Orion TRP® HY/RD, Hylex, Parabox 2012, Spyre, Spyre SLC, Spyke

Jagwire Sport Semi-Metallic disc brake pads are a improvement from standard pads.
They feature a high-performance semi-metallic compound that blends the low-noise of a resin pad with the durability of a metallic pad.

Mounted to a steel backing plate, these are a great all-purpose pad.