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Polkupyörä Tori®

Disc brake pads Jagwire DCA027 (pair)

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Disc brake pads Jagwire DCA027
Compatible with: XTR M965/M966/M975, Saint M800, Deore XT
M765/M775/M776, SLX M665, Deore LX M585/T665,
Hone M601, Deore M535/M595/M596, Alfine S500/S501,
Non-Series M545/R505/T605

Jagwire Sport Semi-Metallic disc brake pads are improvement from standard pads.
They feature a high-performance semi-metallic compound that blends the low-noise of a resin pad with the durability of a metallic pad.

Mounted to a steel backing plate, these are a great all-purpose pad.
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